Find The Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmets

Personal safety should always come first but most of us do not take it seriously unless they end up getting themselves injured. You will be shocked to know that every year thousands of people lose their lives in motorcycle accidents. In most of the motorcycle accident cases, the head injury leads to death. So, it is highly suggested using a helmet while going out. You must be thinking that if helmet protects us from head injury then why does people with hamlet end up in a neurology ward? This is because they are using a poor quality and cheap helmet that easily gets broken on applying even little pressure.

Believe it or not, most of us wear full face helmets not to protect our head but to avoid getting fine or traffic ticket from traffic constable.

How Helmet can Change the Life of a Person?

My cousin went to a holiday trip with his friends. All the friends decided to travel by motorcycle for more fun. He had a severe accident on the way. His motor bike collided with a taxi coming from opposite side and he fall down on the road. Thanks God, he was wearing a helmet. His body was full of injuries both minor and major but his head was alright. Doctors straightaway said that they are unable to understand how he survived despite too many injuries. The purpose of sharing this incidence is neither to horrify you nor to make you depressed but to make you realize the importance of helmets.

Love Life For It is Given Just Once

Our life on earth is very short so love it as it is given just for once. When you do not wear helmet while going out then you not only do bad with yourself but, with your parents, kids and other people whose life revolves around you.

Using motorcycle without a full face helmet is similar to doing a suicide as you never know this single carelessness can take your life.

Shocking Discovery

To be honest, I myself was very careless when it came to wearing helmets but I started wearing them regularly after the mishap of my cousin which I discussed above. I had a shocking discovery when I started to search for a good full face helmet. Most of the full face motorcycle helmets were of poor quality. One can easily understand this fact after taking it on his hands. The price of these helmets was very low due to which every other person was taking these poor quality helmets without realizing the fact that these helmets cannot protect them fully. This thing created an urge in me to create awareness among people regarding full face helmets and here I am with 5 best motorcycle helmets available in the market.

Results of My Sleepless Nights

Following are the results of my sleepless nights I spent on doing research for finding the best full face motorcycle helmets currently available in the market. I shortlisted just those 5 helmets which I found to be best of best: from features to price and looks to safety.

  1.   Mega Z Black White Dual Visor Street Bike Full Face Motorcycle Helmet
  2.   Bell Sanction Bmx/Downhill Helmet
  3.   Matte White Pink Butterfly Full Face Motorcycle Helmet
  4.   Youth Helmet With Full Face Coverage
  5.   Matte Black Dual Visor Modular Motorcycle Helmet
Full Face Helmets
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Mega Z Black White HelmetSmall , Medium , Large, X-large4.529 Positive Reviews$Read Detailed ReviewSee Detailed Description
Bell Sanction HelmetSmall, Medium, Large4.743 Positive Reviews$Read Our ReviewSee Detailed Description
Matte White Pink Butterfly HelmetMedium and Large4.645 Positive Reviews$Read Full ReviewSee Detailed Description
Youth Helmet With Full FaceYouth_Helmet_With_Full_FaceFor Youngsters4.367 Positive Reviews$Read Detailed ReviewSee Detailed Description
Matte Black Dual Visor helmetSmall , Medium , Large , X-large4.178 Positive Reviews$Read Full ReviewSee Detailed Description

Following is the critical review of all these 5 full face motorcycle helmets highlighting their distinguishing features as described by their manufacturers and customers.

Mega Z Black White Dual Visor Street Bike Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Mega Z Black White Dual Visor

Finding the best full face motorcycle helmets that fits well on your head is really a difficult task. Most of the helmets come in just three sizes; small, medium and large but what if your head is extra-large? If your current helmet is too tight for your head and you want something bigger and more comfortable then you must try Mega Z black White street bike helmet.

Features and Specifications of Mega Z Black While Street Bike

New And Improved Version: This helmet is a new and improved version of the previous helmets offered by same manufacturer. It has more features.

Dual Visor: An ordinary helmet has a single visor but it has double which makes it even more comfortable and secured.

EPS Absorption: Like all other good helmets, this helmet has an EPS absorption system which makes it more reliable and efficient.

Inner Shell is Light Weighted: This helmet has an ABS composite shell that is light weighted which makes it easy to wear even for the long time period. The inner shell is tough as well. It is thermoplastic and can easily bear a lot of pressure without letting your head injured.

Easy To Wash: If you are hygiene conscious person then you will be glad to know that this helmet can easily be washed. The interior of this helmet can be removed for washing purposes.

Extra Large: This full face motorcycle helmet is available in extra-large size so if any of you is searching for a relatively bigger helmet that can fit well on his big head then you must buy it straightaway.


Mega Z black White street bike helmet is a must buy helmet as it has extraordinary features and great finishing. It is available at just $44.

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Bell Sanction BMX/Downhill Helmet

Bell Sanction BMX/Downhill Helmet

Bell Sanction BMX/Downhill helmet is a great helmet known for its distinguishing features. It also received positive feedback from more than 80% of its customers. If you are looking for an efficient adult helmet then you must have a look on it features.

Features and Specifications of Bell Sanction BMX/Downhill Helmet

The highlighting features of this helmet are mentioned below.

Light weighted: Majority of the people complain neck pain after wearing helmets. This is only because of heavy weight of helmets. This helmet is good in a way as it is light weighted. Its weight is just 950 grams.

Durable: Durability is the distinguishing feature of this helmet. This helmet is made of good quality raw material which makes it more durable and reliable than most other helmets available in the market at the same or higher price.

Good for Racing: Do not confuse this helmet with an ordinary adult helmet. It is basically a racing helmet so you can use it for professional purposes as well.

Stylish: You will simply love the looks of this helmet as it is quite stylish.

Screen Is Adjustable: The screen of this helmet can easily be adjusted. This is basically a full face helmet but you can leave your face open by removing the screen.

Has Fiberglass Shell: This helmet has a fiberglass shell and the good thing is that this shell is hand laminated.

Has Ventilation System: Unlike most other full face motorcycle helmets, this helmet has an efficient ventilation system to avoid any odor and to make it easier for the user to breath.

Available in Different Sizes: Another positive thing about this helmet is that it is available in three different sizes; small, medium and large.


Bell Sanction BMX/Downhill Helmet is amongst the best helmets currently available in the market. Its features also prove this fact.

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Matte White Pink Butterfly Full Face Motorcycle Helmet


So, you are looking for a relatively different full face helmets that is unique and stylish but also provides full safety to head and face. Well, you must check Matte white pink butterfly full face motorcycle helmet as it is both stylish and efficient.

Features And Specifications of Matte White Pink Butterfly Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

The best way to know about the effectiveness of any product is to check its features. Following are the basic features of Matte motorcycle helmet.

Extraordinary Finishing: A helmet without proper finishing not only looks rough but it also damages very soon. This particular helmet has extraordinary finishing.

Light Weight: This helmet is extremely light weighted which makes it easy to wear on your head.

High Quality Material: This helmet is made of high quality material. It has an ABS composite shell.

Absorption:  This helmet has an EPS absorption lining in its inner side. This lining makes it more durable and efficient as it can absorb impact up to a great extent.

Great Interior: The interior of a helmet plays an important role in its effectiveness. A rough interior irritates the user. Matte motorcycle helmet has a very soft and comfortable interior.

Removable Pads: An ordinary helmet is not waterproof or washable but this helmet is easy to wash. The good thing is that you can easily remove its cheek pads which make it easy to wash.

Highly Attractive and Colorful: This helmet is not only best in its features but also in its looks. It has a pink butterfly image all over it which makes it look beautiful.


This helmet has attractive features and affordable price. It is highly recommended for motorcycle users.

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Youth Helmet With Full Face Coverage


Youngsters are more conscious while buying compared to adults. They want both durability and style. When it comes to young motorists then how can one forget youth helmet? It is a great helmet specially designed for youngsters.

Features And Specifications of Youth Helmet

Full Face Helmet: Youth helmet covers full face in order to provide extra protection to motorists. The visor is adjustable. You may cover your face with it or keep the face open.

Has Extra Pads: It also has extra pads that are given to fit it properly. Extra pads also provide extra security.

Efficient Ventilation System: Another great feature of this helmet is it efficient ventilation system. It has a total of 17 small openings all over it that passes the air in order to make user comfortable and relaxed while using the helmet.

Wear Goggles: Some people have eyesight problems while others feel more comfortable wearing googles while driving motorcycle in order to keep eyes safe from dust. This helmet allows you to wear googles as it has enough space.

Good For Youngsters: This full face helmet is specially made for youngsters who are 8 to 14 years of age. They can use this helmet for their scooters, bikes, roller blades etc.

Highly Affordable: You can enjoy all the above features at a very low price as this helmet is quite affordable.

Stylish And Attractive: Youngsters like stylish helmets that makes them look cool that is why the manufacturer of this helmet came up with a very unique and stylish design.


This helmet has extraordinary features and reasonable price. There is no reason of not buying it. You may give this helmet as a birthday present to your son.

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Matte Black Dual Visor Modular Motorcycle Helmet


Finding a reliable and cost effective helmet is a really difficult task. Most of the helmets available in market are made of low quality raw material due to which the helmet gets broken easily but this isn’t the case with Matte Black Dual Visor Modular Motorcycle Helmet. This is what its manufacturers as well as customers say about it.

Features And Specifications of Matte Black Dual Visor Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Following are the distinguishing features of this great helmet.

Has Flip Up System: This helmet covers full face in order to protect face especially eyes from cold air and dust but if it is a hot sunny day and you want to get rid of the screen then you may simply press a single button. This helmet has a flip system through which you can easily remove screen from your face. The screen will move backward.

Strong Inner Lining: The main purpose of wearing a face helmet is to protect our head and face from any injury in case of any unwanted accident. This purpose can only be fulfilled if the helmet is strong enough not only from outside but also from inside. This helmet has an EPS impact absorption lining inside it that can absorb pressure and keep our head protected.

Sweat Absorption: Majority of the people avoid wearing helmets due to the unpleasant smell it causes within just a few days of use. This smell is caused due to sweating. Matte black dual visor modular motorcycle helmet has a sweat absorption ability which is another plus point.

Waterproof: This helmet is waterproof. You can wear it even in rain.

Extraordinary Material: The best thing about this helmet is its extraordinary material that is highly durable.

Advanced Features: Its manufacturers also say that it is the most advanced modular helmet currently available in the market.


Its features suggest that it is a good helmet and worth buying.

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Things to Never Compromise Upon While Buying Full Face Motorcycle Helmets

There are a few things you must check while buying a full face motorcycle helmet. Unfortunately, majority of the people are not aware of this thing which is why I have come up with the following list.

  1. Impact Absorption

Good helmet always has impact absorption ability. It is this ability that protects our head from injury. You must ask the seller if the helmet has EPS impact absorption lining within in or not.

  1. Ventilation System

Sometimes, we have to go on long distance journeys on our motor bikes. If the helmet does not have proper ventilation system then it becomes nearly impossible to wear it for such a long time. So, it is very important to make sure that the full face helmet you are going to buy has an efficient ventilation system.

  1. Washable

It is obvious that the helmet will start to smell bad due to sweat after few days of usage so it is highly suggested buying a helmet that has a removable interior. Its benefit is that it is easy to wash.

  1. Light Weighted

Majority of the people do not bother about the weight of full face motorcycle helmets and they have to suffer for it afterwards. Heavy weighted helmet causes severe pain in head and neck so it is better buying a helmet that is light weighted.

  1. Sweating Absorption Mechanism

Our head naturally sweat a lot while wearing helmet. Good helmet always has an efficient sweating absorption mechanism. Do not forget to ask about the sweating mechanism before buying a helmet.

  1. Comfortable Interior

I have personally seen a few full face motorcycle helmets whose interior was very rough. This sometimes gives a very unpleasant feeling to the user. So prefer buying a helmet having soft, cushioned and comfortable interior preferably made of foam or similar material.

Now it’s Your Turn

My duty was to provide unbiased, genuine and truthful information about different full face motorcycle helmets. I have tried to fulfill my duty with full honesty. Now, it is your turn. Just go and buy any of these 5 helmets, after all it is about your life and safety.